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Crooked Spire at Chesterfield Church
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Crooked Spire at Chesterfield Church

Chesterfield Church of the Crooked Spire
Tel: Verger 01246 206506
Website www.chesterfieldparishchurch.org.uk/

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Opening Times
There are church Open Days each Bank Holiday Monday with guided tours up the Tower throughout the day. Tours are available at other times and by prior arrangement with the Parish Office. Tower trips are also conducted by the verger on most Saturdays.

Chesterfield's 228ft crooked spire leans nearly 9ft from its true centre and moves a little further every year, but it is still a long way from falling over. Built around 1400, it was straight for a number of centuries before it began to twist, probably as a result of unseasoned timber being used for it's construction.

One legend has it, that it was the fault of the devil, who enraged and in agony lashed out at the spire after being badly shoed by by a blacksmith. The crooked spire gives Chesterfield an identity recognized all over the world.

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Chesterfield church crooked spire in Derbyshire

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